Art in Antibes - An international event for connoisseurs by Sarah Hyde

Why bother travelling to London or Paris to look for antiques and works of art when the best of the art world is coming to Antibes! As the sunshine returns and owners head down to visit their beloved yatchs and prepare for Les Voiles d'Antibes, the familiar white tents of the Antibes Art Fair will appear on the Esplanade du Pré des Pécheurs. Billed by the exhibitors as 'this side of paradise', the 45th Antibes Art Fair opens on the 15th April and promises to be a bumper edition that'll give local residents and visitors a chance to see a wide range of top quality antiques, contemporary works and brocante at close hand. This year's event will welcome more than 120 diverse exhibitors to the city, whitch has built up a reputation among dealers and gallerists, who reserve their most interesting pieces for its truly international market. More that 20,000 people visited the art fair last year. One of the best things about this event is that visiting is literally like travelling throught time and you let to see all kinds of styles from many different époque. It is a great opportunity to explore your own taste, to juxtapose and mix up different eras, and, of course, to exchange information with the exhibitors who are happy to share their knowlegde and expertise. 

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